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The Logistics

After collecting you from Colombo airport, travelling in our spacious minibus will mean you really will get to discover the best parts of the Island. With an optimum group size of 8 to 10 in a 16 seat bus, there will be plenty of room to relax and take in the sights. Your group will be accompanied by our carefully selected dream team, consisting of three of Sri Lanka’s best. With our professional driver, you know you are in safe hands and our carefully selected local tour guide will be more than happy to share their extensive knowledge of the Island with you. The youngest member of your team will take care of the luggage, drinking water and any other go fetch requirements – as well as generally being available to help when required.

The Itinerary…

One Night in Colombo

Arriving and departing from Colombo will mean you get to spend three invigorating nights in Sri Lanka’s metropolitan capital, over the course of your stay.One Night Colombo

After a long flight, a short transfer to your hotel is just what you need.
You can freshen up and then take the opportunity to visit the exuberant bustle which is the lively centre of Colombo in the middle of the day. We highly recommend you take a 3 wheeler… it really is the only way to travel in Colombo! Why not do a spot of sightseeing, or visit the local shops? Or, just go for a ride around town – the ride really is enough fun in itself! Remember to haggle and fix the price of the ride, 400 rupees should be enough.

If you like seafood, be sure to check out the ‘Old Dutch Hospital’ which is now home to several bars and restaurants. Here you can visit  the “Ministry of Crab” Restaurant- owned by Kumar Sangakkara and Mahela Jayawardene, two of Sri Lanka’s greatest ever cricketers. If this doesn’t tickle your taste buds, there is no doubt you will find a restaurant (or several) that does.

Two Nights on Safari Exploring Minneriya and Wilpattu National Parks 

Spending the first night in a hotel near Dambulla will give you a chance to explore the two national parks before heading off on Safari…


Think glamping… except an elephant might stroll past, not the cast of TOWIE. Enjoy dinner under the stars in the middle of the jungle and forget all about western civilisation, as you swap stories with other campers below the burning coconut torches. In the morning, after another campfire cookout for breakfast, you split into groups of 4 or 5 and climb aboard your jeeps before heading out on safari. As male elephants are always on their own, unless its mating season, you are more than likely to spot groups of solely female elephants with their calves… which they are very, very protective of.

A herd of female elephants stamping their feet and flapping their ears is definitely not a force to be reckoned with! It’s all only for show though, touch wood, we haven’t yet found ourselves under elephant attack…they are only preparing to defend themselves and their calves if necessary.

A leopard surveying his domain

There’s also plenty more wildlife in Sri Lanka to be spotted… leopards, sloths, deer, monkeys, over 400 different species of birds!

Two Nights in Sigirya, Dambulla

Pay a visit Sigiriya Rock fortress, located in the central Matale District. Apparently once the capital, chosen by King Kasaypa, after the royal palace was abandoned upon his death it was then used as a Buddhist monastery until the 14th century – and is absolutely empirical to any visit to Sri Lanka. This is best done either early in the morning or late in the afternoon… you do not want to at the top of Sigiriya, at 180m, in the midday sun. You should allow around an hour to climb Sigiriya, with a vanity stop in the midst of the climb in the Kings Hareem on the way to the ancient paintings, you can admire yourself in the silver painted tunnel – designed for the King to ascertain how good he looked all those years ago! At the top of Sigiriya -the location of the ruins of the ancient palace – you can look down at the magnificent gardens and take in the breath-taking view.


The Dambulla Cave (Golden Cave Temple) is also a must for any trip to Sri Lanka. Here you can be array of statues and paintings which are in abundance throughout the caves, there are over 80 caves in this area – but we recommend visiting the five main caves. Be sure to watch out for the kleptomaniac primates!

Two Nights in Kandy

On the way into Kandy, a stop off to the elephant orphanage provides the perfect opportunity to grab a bite to eat and something to drink whilst watching the elephants pass through. Don’t worry; despite being within touching distance, you will be safely up on a ledge above the path of the elephants – as I am sure we can all agree… elephants do not have the daintiest of feet!

Elephant Group

Two nights gives the perfect amount of time to experience the very best of Kandy; visit the Temple of the Tooth, which according to local legends is home to a canine tooth of the Buddha who died in 543 BC! At which point, you can cross one of Sri Lanka’s 8 national heritage sites off of your to-do list. If you choose to visit in August, you could be lucky enough to join in with the festivities of Esala Perahera – the elephant festival. See the Mahouts parade the vividly costumed elephants amongst spectacular fire jugglers… maybe even join in with the Kandyan dancing? The high spirits and celebration make August the perfect time to visit. There will also be plenty of time to relax amongst all the excitement; take a boat ride on Bogombara Lake, or perhaps do a splash of shopping – Sari’s make the perfect souvenir.

Two nights in Nuwara Eliya, The Hill Country

Once loved by the Scots, The Hill Country is significantly cooler than the rest of the island at 6,000 feet high.  Travelling round and seeing the plantations, which are largely tea but due to the climate a range of crops grow well, you will soon see the mark left by Scots, hint… watch out for the names of plantations!

Sample a local cup of tea and cake overlooking the striking rolling hills and then spend your evenings relaxing in the ultimate colonial hotel, where you can enjoy a game of snooker in the hall which would once host gentlemen’s snooker tournaments. In such a grand setting, it is easy to conjure the images of what once would have been one hundred years ago… gentlemen enjoying a cigar around the snooker table. For those who would rather be outdoors, how about a round of golf? At an altitude of over 6,000 feet it really does feel as if you are hitting the ball like Rory McIllroy! After dark there is the perfect opportunity to go on frog safari! The creatures you spot on this safari trip will be a little bit smaller than those you spotted in the national parks, however.

Two Nights in Mirissa/Galle

After freshening up in your own private outdoor shower and plunge pool at an amazing beach front hotel, hop on a three-wheeler for a 5 minute ride to Mirissa beach; be overcome by the selection of 15-20 different bars and restaurants. Here you can enjoy dinner – perhaps, the freshest of seafood -on the beach and watch the ruby sunset glisten off the rippling waves. With so many bars to choose from you can be sure there will be somewhere to finish off the evening with an after dinner drink or two…or more! Our personal favourite is a live music bar, where you can dance the night away… or simply be a spectator. The beauty of this plaza is the ability to connect with the Sri Lankan’s who own the establishment, hear their folklore or simply pick their brains about the island.Galle

Two Nights in Colombo

Returning to Colombo ahead of your return flight, you can experience the feeling of walking into a hotel and expecting James Bond to be sitting on the table to your left playing cards. After taking in the splendour of the architecture, why not head out and explore the city further?  Absorb the rich heritage and spend time in the lavish green gardens, in between making the most of the abundance of shopping facilities – which of course, are scattered with the perfect balance of designer outlets and quirky, unique boutiques.

Here you have some free time; however we highly recommend visiting the Paradise Road Gallery Café, which was once the office of Sri Lanka’s most famous architect – Geoffrey Bawa. Sampling the delicious cuisine at your hotel restaurant and admiring the breath taking views over Colombo can also be a wonderful end to an amazing holiday.

Colombo Night

We look forward to sculpting your dream holiday for you, whatever your needs.

The beauty of Sri Lanka really is; it has something for everyone and everything for anyone.

From only 2,750 GBP – get it touch to discuss your own personal requirements[/x_text][/x_column][/x_row][/x_section]