Amazing Travel Photography in 10 Images

Buddhist Sri Lanka

Are you ready for a spot of arm chair travelling with the use of amazing travel photography? Here you can travel from Sri Lanka to Canada all in five minutes, with a collection of travel photography that is so good, you might just forget that you are not on holiday! We can guarantee you will be counting down to jumping aboard the plane and jetting off on your summer holiday when you reach the end of this post! Or if you haven’t yet booked to get away this year… you might not be able to wait any longer after viewing these images.

We apologise for any sudden wanderlust which may occur…

1. This gorgeously tranquil sunset reflecting over water. Captured in Sri Lanka.
Amazing Travel Photography Sri Lanka

Photography by Suranga Weeratunaga

2. The bright lights of New York, New York

10 Amazing Travel Photography Images New York

3.  This impressive night time scene in Dubai.
Amazing Travel Photography, Dubai.

Photography by Suranga Weeratunaga

4. These beautiful waters of Sri Lanka

Amazing Travel Photography, Sri Lanka.

Photography by Suranga Weeratunaga

5. This awe-inspring view across New York City

Amazing Travel Photography, View Over New York City.

Photography by Suranga Weeratunaga

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6.  These playful elephants in Sri Lanka

Amazing Travel Photography, Elephants in Sri Lanka

Photography by Suranga Weeratunaga

7. How far down? Gaze into the horse shoe bend of the Colorado River – Arizona, USA.

Amazing Travel Photography, Colorado River USA.

Photography by Suranga Weeratunaga

8. Ahhhh… relax. The calming mountains of Canada.

Amazing Travel Photography, Mountain Shot Canada

Photography by Suranga Weeratunaga

9. The lonely ship in the peaceful waters of Thailand.

Amazing Travel Photography, Sunset in Thailand

Photography by Suranga Weeratunaga

10. Our personal favourite, here at Secret Sri Lanka… the beauty of the dying tradition of stilt fishing in Sri Lanka

Amazing Photography, Stilt Fishermen in Sri Lanka

Photography by Suranga Weeratunaga

These amazing travel photography images were all captured by the wonderful photographer, Suranga Weeratunga, if you have enjoyed them… why not check him out?

These are our favourite amazing travel photography images. We would love to see yours, chat with us in the comments section – or find us on social media. Why not tweet us @secretsrilanka or find us on Facebook!