A Summary of Sri Lanka in 5 Images

Whether you are considering a trip to Sri Lanka or simply enjoy appreciating fantastic photography, here you can enjoy a summary of Sri Lanka in 5 images. They say that a picture speaks a thousand words… this is a sentiment which I couldn’t agree with more.

Whether you are passing time on the tube or have a few moments peace in your lunch break, this short but sweet gallery will show what you what Sri Lanka has to offer without having to spend hours flicking through a guide book.

1. Culture

Statues in Sri Lanka - Sri Lanka in 5 Images

Although Sri Lanka may seem, on the surface, the most westernized country in South Asia spending just a small amount of time on the island will reveal the truth. The sheer depth of cultural diversity in evident throughout the country, with a perfect balance between modernisation and strong traditions.

2. Traditions

Stilt Fishermen Sri Lanka - Sri Lanka in 5 Images

Ah yes, the aforementioned traditions. You can visit the stilt fishermen on the South West coast, watch some spectacular Kandyan dancing (or join in!) or maybe visit the hill country to see the tea pickers harvesting the Ceylon tea.

3. Stunning Scenery

Sri Lanka Beach - Sri Lanka in 5 Images

There is no end to the impressive scenery within Sri Lanka, whether this is rolling hills; tranquil beaches or awe-inspiring temples. If you are a keen photographer, or if you like to have a varied holiday album, Sri Lanka can provide the perfect backdrop to some fantastic photos.

If you are enjoying both Harin and Suranga’s photography why not take a look at our amazing travel photography blog.

4. Impressive City Scenes

Colombo Sri Lanka - Sri Lanka in 5 Images

Sri Lanka is as bustling and energetic in some places as it tranquil and quaint in others. Colombo, for instance, can be slightly hectic during the working hours but enjoying the vibrant city center experience is essential to any trip to Sri Lanka.

5. Wildlife

Leopard Sri Lanka - Sri Lanka in 5 Images

It is no secret that Sri Lanka is a haven for wildlife enthusiasts, you can get up close and personal with a herd of Elephants – or maybe even a Leopard, although it is not as easily done.

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